How can I create a new account? Where do I log in?

Simple click the “Login / Create an account” button. You can find it at the top-right of the site. While logging in you can select the “Remember me” option.

This makes it so you don’t have to retype your username or password each time you go to the website. Avoid using this setting on a public or shared device.


Is there a way to change my personal information for the site?

When logged in, click “My Profile”, then select the “Profile” tab. There you’ll find the spaces to update or correct your personal information.

To make additional changes please email [email protected] , include information that you’d like to change.


How to change your account password?

To change your password, first log into your account. Click on the “my profile” button, then navigate to the “profile” tab. There you’ll find the prompt to change your password.


I can’t remember my password – is there a way to recover my account?

To get a new password click on the “Login / Create an account” button. Then click the “Can’t access your account?” button in the top-right area of your screen. Fill in the required spaces and hit “RECOVER”.


Why do I automatically log out after idling?

You only get logged out if you are inactive on the website for a few minutes. We do it due to security reasons.


Is there a way to restrict game play for my account?

Make sure you’re logged in, then click on “My Profile”, then “Restrictions”. Keep in mind that if you disable a game it could take 7 days until you can undo your selection and re-activate it.


Where is the Terms and Condition document? Where can I see the Privacy Policy?

You can access the Privacy Policy as well as the Terms and Condition documents if you navigate to the bottom of the website.


I think I might be playing too much, what should I do?

If might benefit you to restrict your account by logging in, clicking “My Profile”, then “Restrictions”. In this tab you’ll be able to change amounts you’re able to deposit, game types that you can play, and you can set up a warning every few minutes that you play.

Beyond that, please talk to a professional if you feel as though you’re developing a problem. Go to “Responsible Gambling” at the bottom of the site to learn more. This is a serious matter and we care deeply about our customers’ health.


How to set up restrictions for my online account?

While logged in, click “My Profile” then navigate to the “Restrictions” tab.


Is there a way to close my account or freeze my account?

Log in, click “My Profile”, then click the “Restrictions” tab. You’ll find the prompt to follow to freeze or close your account. Keep in mind that this process cannot be reversed.


Is there a way to play for free?

No you cannot. But fear not! Even a deposit of 0.1 mBTC will allow you to play all of our fun slot games.


I’m confused with this new game, where are the rules?

If you’re interested in a game, you can click the icon and a preview screen will pop up. From there you can click “Game Rules” to see the full list of rules.

If you’re already in-game, you can hit the “game rules” button which is right above the play screen.


My live roulette bet won’t go through, what’s happening?

If live roulette did not accept your bet, you should check to make sure it met the bet requirements for the table. Each table has table limits and if you’re below the limit, it won’t allow you to place a bet.

If you’re unable to place bets, refer to the timer to see if time has expired for your wager.


Is there a way to see the past games I’ve played?

If you log in and go to “My Profile”, you can see your game history by clicking on “Game History”.


I think the game result was wrong, where can I complain?

While logged in, go to “My Profile”, then “Game History”. From there you can look at the history of the games you played, and if you can’t find the game you’re looking for please email [email protected] and write a detailed description of what happened in the game.


I think a group cheated against me in poker, what should I do?

If you think a group cheated on poker, please let us know by emailing [email protected] Give as many details that you can remember such as the users’ names, the time of the incident, the table you were at, and what hand number.


Is the Random Number Generator (RNG) of this casino fair?

Yes, Kingbit Casino is using game providers with random number generator (RNG), so the outcome of any bet is totally random.